All types of candles We offer all types of candles: religious candles, decorative candles, birthday candles, scented candles, candles for weddings and other important occasions.
Candles for cafes and restaurants Decorative candles for your home, restaurant, cafes, wedding or birthday. Available in different colors and shapes.
Wax We offer you domestic and Chinese wax.
Aromatics Allows your product to radiate a pleasant smell and to have a mild antibacterial effect. Aromatics do not have alcohol in its composition so they are pleasant to the skin. Aromatic palette is based on natural scent of conifers and fruit.
Paraffin Paraffin for candles, rubbers, paper, textile, cables, and other technical goals. Paraffin for food and wood processing industry, ceresin, petrolatum. We can offer from white to dark brown in color, have them in granules, tablets or block.

Procurement and distribution of all kinds of paraffin, incense and copal resin. We offer you all kinds of ceresin, color for paraffin, zinc oxide, glycerin, Vaseline, lanolin.


With our unremitting efforts we gained the trust of many customers, so we are now proud of our status in the procurement and distribution of all kinds of paraffin, wax, incense and copal resin.


Twenty years long tradition, puts our company at the top of the business world in the field of procurement and distribution of all kinds of wax, paraffin, candles, copal resin, aromatics. 


Every year we try to be more innovative, offering our customers new products and services that are in compliance with the latest international standards in our society and step ahead of others.

Product range

The simplest paraffin molecule is methane CH4, which is in a gaseous state at room temperature. Heavier members of the series such as mineral oils appear as liquids while solid forms of paraffin molecules are formed from the heaviest molecules and are called paraffin wax.