Paraffin and microcrystalline wax


We offer the following types of paraffin and microcrystalline waxes:

● Paraffin for candles that are made using the method of casting, sinking, punching, drawing.

● Paraffin for rubber, paper, textile, cables, and other technical goals.

● Paraffin for the wood processing industry.

● Paraffin for the food industry.

● slack wax.

● ceresin.

● petrolatum.

The simplest n molecule of paraffin is methane CH4 gas at room temperature. Liquid members of the series, such as CBH18 octane and mineral oil appear as liquids at room temperature. Solid forms of paraffin are called paraffin wax and they result from heavier molecules from C20H42 to C40H82.

We offer paraffin with a melting point from 50-52°C to 62-64°C.

We can offer from white to dark brown in color, we have them in granules, tablets or block.

Ceresin (from the Latin word Wax; synonym: ceresin; paraffin; Paraffinum solidum) is a mixture of mostly higher isoalkane with 35 to 55 carbon atoms with a melting point between 65 and 88°C. It is of microcrystalline structure, and it is used for making wax candles, creams and polish coating, and in the electrical and chemical industries.

Ceresin is natural (natural mineral) wax (ozokerite) purified (refined) with sulfuric acid. In the pharmaceutical industry it is used as an ingredient for the production of neutral base for ointments intended for external use.

- Microcrystalline paraffin

- Polywax

- Karnaubawax


 ID  Tt (oC)  oil  (%)  Pr  color Oblik Packaging (kg)
 P1 48-52 3-5 20-22 yellow-light brown
piece 15-20 wood processing, anti-corrosion agents
 P2 56-58 0.6-1.3 24-28 white piece 25-35 wood processing, rubber processing, paper, candles
 P3 54-56 1.1-1.8 13-15 light yellow
panels 28-30 candles, rubber, wood processing
 P4 54-56 do 1% 16-18 white panels 25/50 candles, paper industry
 P5 60-62 do 1% 15-17 white piece 25/50 candles, paper, textile industry
 P6 57-60 0.3-0.7 12-13 white granules 20 candles, textile, cable industry
 SP1 75 7-8 48-50 brown piece 50 lubricants, anti-corrosion agent
 SP2 >75 1.5-2.5 18-20 cream panels 25 candles, cosmetics, viticulture