0001Wax is used for many purposes in the production of wax paper, in impregnation of paper. Wax is also used in the production of means for polishing shoes, wooden furniture and cars, as well as the impregnation of textiles and leather. For a long time the wax and similar solid fat are used in making candles, which were used for lighting and decoration in many religious traditions, especially in Christianity.

Waxes can be natural (animal or vegetable), artificially created through the allocation of natural petroleum or completely synthetic made. The most famous natural waxes are paraffin (wax from crude oil) and carnauba (a type of plant wax). Some synthetic materials such as silicone wax have the similar characteristics and are also considered to be waxes. It is also used in cosmetics for hair removal.

There are two types of wax: 

- home wax

- Chinese wax