Product Description

Candle varnish is an essential product in candle production, serving as a finishing layer that gives the candle shine and color. DMV offers high-quality candle varnishes, designed to enhance the aesthetic appearance and durability of candles.

Types of Candle Varnish

DMV offers various types of candle varnishes, including those that provide shine and those that add color to the candle. These varnishes are formulated to be compatible with different types of waxes and colors, allowing candle manufacturers to create products that meet specific needs and styles.

Quality and Environmental Compliance

All candle varnishes offered by DMV are produced in accordance with the highest standards of quality and environmental compliance. DMV is committed to providing products that are safe and effective, while respecting nature.

Characteristics and Application

DMV’s candle varnish is used as a decorative medium, providing candles with shine and additional color. This varnish not only improves the appearance of the candle but also protects its surface layer, making it more resistant to external influences.