What is Copal Resin?

Product description

DMV proudly presents copal resin, a unique product in our assortment that is fully compliant with ecological and health standards.

Copal resin is known for its exceptional characteristics and wide application in various industries.

Characteristics of Copal Resin

Copal resin, obtained from certain types of trees, is recognizable by its aromatic properties. This resin is utilized in the cosmetic industry, particularly for products designed for depilation, where it is combined with wax and special types of paraffin. Additionally, copal resin is used as incense, offering a unique aromatic experience.

Gde se koristi?

Besides its use in cosmetics and as incense, copal resin has applications in the production of varnishes and adhesives due to its excellent binding properties. It is also valued in artistic and restoration works for its clarity and durability.