What is Frankincense?

Product description

Frankincense is a white aromatic resin that, when burned, develops an exceptionally strong and pleasant fragrance, making it commonly used for incense, especially during religious ceremonies.

A penetrating fragrant smoke is produced when a piece of resin is placed on fire. Some have various aromas, such as the scent of roses, but are less commonly used in our region. Frankincense is also used for medicinal purposes, particularly in the healing of wounds.

Characteristics of Frankincense

Frankincense, known for its white aromatic resin, is a key element in creating a fragrant ambiance, especially during religious ceremonies. The burning of frankincense develops a penetrating and pleasant fragrance, creating a special atmosphere. Pieces of resin, when placed on fire, produce fragrant smoke that is valued in both religious and meditative practices.

Where is it used?

Besides being used for incense, frankincense has medicinal applications, especially in wound healing processes. Some frankincenses come with added aromas, like the scent of roses, but traditional types of frankincense remain the most popular in our region.