What is Paraffin Oil?

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Paraffin oil, known for its blend of purified, dry, saturated hydrocarbons, has a wide range of applications across various industries.

DMV offers high-quality paraffin oil used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, the food industry, and many other sectors.


Paraffin oil is utilized for cosmetic and pharmaceutical purposes as a key component in creams, except those based on glycerin. It acts as a protective layer in the cream, preventing skin dryness. Additionally, it is used for medical purposes against constipation and for lubricating machinery in the food industry.

Common Uses

  • As a lubricant.
  • In cosmetics and pharmacy as a cream ingredient.
  • In cosmetics as a component of depilatory wax.
  • In winemaking as a protection against oxidation.

Types of Paraffin Oil in Our Offer

Light paraffin oil

Heavy paraffin oil

Additional Applications

Besides the mentioned uses, paraffin oil is also employed in the bakery industry, the production of paprika and textiles, as a coating agent for furniture and marble, in the chemical industry, plastic production, agriculture, and beekeeping.